The Final Descent Walk-through [Skyrim]

The Final Descent Walk-through [Skyrim]

The Final Descent is a side quest in the Dragonborn DLC, but is one of the most important side quests available. During this quest, characters receive the final Dragon Aspect shout as well as access to another Black Book.

For other black books, review the Complete Black Book Locations List.

The Final Descent

  • Speak with Crescius Caerellius located in the Raven Rock mine in Raven Rock.
    Note: Glover Mallory’s side quest will lead you to Crescius which means you can knock out a second side quest in the process.

    Skyrim Dragonborn Crescius Caerellius

  • Enter the lower mine.
  • Make your way through the mine until you reach the Stalhrim covered sarcophagus. Be sure to mine the Stalhrim (it’s rare).
    Note: No real surprises as you move through the fairly straight path through the mine.
  • Continue through the mine until you reach the flooded chamber with a small waterfall.
    Tip: Behind the waterfall is a pick-able door to another Stalhrim deposit.

    Skyrim Dragonborn waterfall hidden door

  • Exit back into the flooded chamber.
  • Climb the steps and cross the bridge to find and activate a handle which opens a gate directly across the way.
  • Continue on through the gate.
  • At the intersection – East is a spell tome and west is the path continuation.
  • Up spiral staircase and across the bridge is a hidden door.
    Tip: The door is located directly behind the soul gem pillar and the chain handle is on the left when facing the wall.
  • Move on and take the west passage located midway through the poison dart section.
  • Follow the path until you reach a large chamber.
  • Jump down and move towards the large door.
    Tip: At the bottom of the spring is a chest.
  • At the base, just before the door is Gratian Caerellius’ skeleton.
  • Loot the skeleton.
  • Wield the Bloodskal Blade and optionally read his journal.
  • Unlock the door with the Bloodskal Blade.
    Tip: Swing the blade towards the door and archway above it, in the direction of the large glowing red gashes. For the horizontal gashes move while swinging the blade. For the vertical gashes, power swing. Be sure to aim at the gashes to trigger them.

    Skyrim Dragonborn Bloodskal Barrow door

  • Move past the swinging blades and onto the next chamber.
  • Defeat Kahkriisos.
    Note: Reward is another mask which increases shock resistance by 50% and increases shock damage by 25%.
  • Move east to shout wall and receive Word of Power, Wyrm, Dragon Aspect.
  • Exit west where you’ll find another Black Book, The Winds of Change.
  • Exit up the spiral staircase.
  • Make your way through the tunnels and out.
    Tip: You will defeat several reavers along the way. Stop to read ‘Deathbrand’ to trigger another side quest, ‘Search for the Treasure of Haknir Death-brand’.
  • Speak with Crescius Caerellius once you exit the mine to complete The Final Descent.

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