KoA: Reckoning - How To Join The Travelers

KoA: Reckoning – How To Join The Travelers

Travelers are very much like a Thieves Guild. They’re roguish and like any faction, you’ll need to prove yourself through some initiation tasks.

How To Join The Travelers

Move towards the The Sidhe and guide your character towards the western forest edge. Along the way you’ll encounter a man by the name of Grim Onwig who, after a short conversation, points you towards Star Camp with directions to speak with Crilgarin.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Crilgarin

The Guided Hands Quest

  • Speak with Crilgarin.
  • Go to Hierophant Shrine and pray. You will be given 3 tasks to perform. View your map to see the locations.

Steal Ealfwig Grilricas’ Medallion

  • Go to Didenhil Inn Three Lamps Inn in Didenhil. There are two ways to complete this part of the quest.
  • At night: Enter stealth mode and sneak up to Ealfwig while he’s sleeping and pickpocket the medallion from him.
  • During the day: Talk to him, then wait for him to turn around or somehow get behind him. Enter stealth mode and wait for him to lose sight of you (when the eyes fade away). Pickpocket the medallion.

Claim (steal) the pall of the dead St. Eadric’s

  • You’ll need to loot St. Eadric’s Tomb which is a large sarcophagus in the back of the Chapel.
  • Enter stealth mode and wait for the NPCs to lose sight of you.
  • Loot the sarcophagus.

Steal Draug’s Toothpicks from Gunnar Frode

  • Head to Vorm Lodge.
  • Enter stealth mode and pickpocket Gunnar Frode. Steal Gunnar Frode’s Key.
  • Head upstairs in Vorm Lodge and loot Gunnar Frode’s map from Gunnar’s Footlocker.
  • The map will direct you to a Pile of Rocks, take Draug’s Toothpicks from the Pile of Rocks.

When you’ve completed all three tasks, return to Crilgarin with the items. Good luck!

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  1. chief_geek says:

    @Sailus – Nice tip, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sailus says:

    Ealfwig Grilricas was bugged in my game anddid not move or sleep. If you are having the same problem a “Shadow Prism” can get him to turn his back on you if used in the Inn.