Nifty Websites Collection [April 29 - May 5, 2012]

Nifty Websites Collection [April 29 – May 5, 2012]

View any one of the nifty websites from our weekly collections. Each week we scour the web searching for nifty websites and online tools that will, hopefully, benefit our readers. Websites are discovered from a wide range of sources, covering all sorts of topics. If you want to be informed of new collections, subscribe to our RSS feed here, or join us on Facebook for a weekly notification. This week we feature a student car sharing program, a note-taking app, yard sale finder and a metric conversion tool.

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Ahh notes. It doesn’t seem to matter how organized we get or how much we document information, we always need to take notes. Whether they’re on sticky notes, tablets, chicken-scratch on our hands or whatnot, note taking is something everyone does. Fetchnotes is note-taking from your computer, mobile device and the web. Continue..Read more about Fetchnotes.
Nifty Websites Collection Fetchnotes
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Life as a student can be difficult what with all the schoolwork, exams, scheduling, parties, not to mention the social integration. If you’re a student that intends on holding down a job too, then you’ll likely need transportation. While not every student has a car, some do and those who don’t need Wheelz. Continue..Read more about Wheelz.
Nifty Websites Collection Wheelz
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Yard Sale Search

Summer is just about upon us and soon residents everywhere will start seeing yard sale signs. It’s a time honored tradition among home owners and a great way to make a small amount of cash for unwanted things. On the flip-side are the yard sale hunters. They travel between yard sales looking for great bargains and obscure items that can’t be found anywhere else. A nice resource for locating yard sales is the website Yard Sale Search. Continue..Read more about Yard Sale Search.
Nifty Websites Collection Yard Sale Search
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Conversion Tool

Conversion Tool is a web app from for converting different units of measurement. The tool is simple and clean, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles which is great because anyone looking for a quick conversion utility just wants access to the answers. Continue..Read more about Conversion Tool.
Nifty Websites Collection Conversion Tool
Visit Conversion Tool via France Property Shop

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