Nifty Websites Collection [October 22, 2012]

Nifty Websites Collection [October 22, 2012]

View any one of the nifty websites from our weekly collections. Each week we scour the web searching for nifty websites and online tools that will, hopefully, benefit our readers. Websites are discovered from a wide range of sources, covering all sorts of topics. If you want to be informed of new collections, subscribe to our RSS feed here, or join us on Facebook for a weekly notification. This week’s Collection features cloud and mobile task management, free logo maker and secure cloud messaging.

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One thing humans can never seem to get enough of is lists. We make them for just about anything and there are a lot of ways to create them. The current drive is towards mobile integration with list and note-taking apps in high demand. Wunderlist is a way to organize tasks through lists and works everywhere. Continue..Read more about Wunderlist.
Nifty Websites Collection Wunderlist

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Burn Note

This message will self destruct in 3..2..1.! At least that’s the premise of Burn Note, a cloud based message service that sends messages between parties and deletes them after they’re read. Continue..Read more about Burn Note.
Nifty Websites Collection Burn Note

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When I started out as a small business owner, one of the most unexpected difficult items to nail down was a logo for my company. The services were in place, the company name was set, even the catchphrase was picked, but that logo drove me nuts. Eventually everything worked out, but coming up with ideas was incredibly difficult. GraphicSprings free logo design maker would have been a huge help to me and is a great resource for others struggling to get their logo right. Continue..Read more about GraphicSprings.
Nifty Websites Collection GraphicSprings

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