Spark Hire Delivers Stand Outs To Employers

Spark Hire Delivers Stand Outs To Employers

Spark Hire

Looking for a job? Many are and the pickings are slim. Getting your resume out there is one thing, having it noticed is another. Spark Hire works in place of or in conjunction with your existing resume to put a face with the qualifications.

In today’s job market it is incredibly difficult to find work. The jobs aren’t available and there are so many people looking for work that the competition is fierce. At the same time, employers and recruiters have become lazy. They’re looking for a potential employee to have a degree even if it isn’t in the applied line of work. Recruiters want someone who has experience in every facet of the business even if some of those facets are very specific or proprietary in nature. They also want someone who fits their own moral and social beliefs. On top of that, recruiters are now using resume scanners that look for specific keywords before even thinking about reviewing a resume. Basically, they’re looking for the perfect candidate that doesn’t exist.

So what can job seekers do to get close to that imaginary perfection? Well, you should be reviewing your resume regularly. Tweaking it to fit each position you apply for can help with the keyword situation. Those are minor things. One major improvement is the creation of an online profile and video resume of yourself.

Spark Hire is one of the newest forms of employment search. They provide a platform for job seekers to post a video of themselves and in turn use it as a means of application for jobs found on Spark Hire. In addition, users can attach the URL of their video to their paper resume and send it out to recruiters. Potential employers can then access the link directly and view a video of the applicant on Spark Hire.

The advantage is that recruiters can get a quicker more exacting picture of the applicant and then apply their qualifications, found in the resume, to their impression of the individual. Job seekers get noticed because they’re supplying more than the norm and as a result get more immediate attention from recruiters.

Spark Hire offers some additional features like a personal profile, job search, company research and one of the more impressive features, live interviews. Live Interview allows job seekers and recruiters to perform an interview via webcam without anyone ever scheduling an in office visit. It’s ideas like these that are probably the workplace hiring of the future and Spark Hire clearly has the right idea. We’d like to see Spark Hire work with more companies and develop more robust, broad job listings.

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