2012 Nifty Website of the Year Nominations

2012 Nifty Website of the Year Nominations

It’s been a busy year for the Nifty Websites Collection. In 2012 we reviewed more than 100 websites, web apps and cloud solutions to provide our readers with high quality resources for accomplishing everyday tasks.

As the year winds down, the Nifty Collection is taking a brief hiatus as we enter into and turn our attention towards the busy holiday and gaming seasons. Like last year, we’ve chosen a handful of websites from the 2012 collection that are truly nifty.

This year however we’re getting our readers involved in the process. We’re looking for the niftiest of the bunch and that’s where you, our readers come into play. We’d like to know which website is your favorite and the niftiest in your eyes.

We’ve put together a brief bio of the nominees below, in no particular order. We encourage you to visit the websites and try them for yourselves. Then visit and like our Facebook page where you can vote and enter into a drawing for a new Roku media streaming device.

2012 Nifty Website Nominees:


Look around the web and you’ll see all sorts of social websites. Many are focused on those you already know or sharing content found online. Uencounter.me takes a different approach and has the unique ability to bring together perfect strangers in way that is social, informative and addicting.

Uencounter.me is a social, virtual pin map. Users pin their travels, destinations, experiences, business service areas and anything else that can be pinned to a location. We’ve watched this website progress over the course of the year and are continually impressed with what they provide.

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Nifty Websites Collection Uencounter.me



As we all watched in amazement as Pinterest rose to near dominance overnight. Loveit quietly and successfully approached the social world with more thorough planning and application than their Pinterest counterpart.

Private collections and a community committed to sharing videos, links, images and other web finds has made Loveit a regular destination for our social staff.

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Nifty Websites Collection Loveit



If you’re tired of logging in to the same websites and services multiple times a day or even daily or weekly, then it’s time to find a service that accesses them all from one centralized location. That’s why Primadesk is a Nifty of the Year nominee.

Through Primadesk users can access many of their accounts without separate logins or bouncing between browser windows or tabs. Accessing email, Facebook, Dropbox and other websites is all done within Primadesk with one simple login. Making life easier it what Primadesk offers and they succeed.

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Nifty Websites Collection Primadesk



If it’s one thing that Pinterest and home improvement shows have shown us, it’s that people love to design and plan new living spaces. While some of us are great at it, others struggle. RoomSketcher was nominated because it can help both professionals, amateurs and diy’ers with room virtual room planning 3D software all performed in the cloud.

The RoomSketcher interface caught our eye and instantly saw the possibilities. Users don’t have to imagine what a room will look like when the home project is complete, RoomSketcher will show them. Professionals of all types can utilize the software to illustrate projects, real estate listings and interior design plans.

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Nifty Websites Collection Room Sketcher



Security is something that is lacking in the ever expanding cloud world we live in. Passwords need to be unique and difficult to decipher. On top of that, we need to store those same passwords in a secure location of its own. My1Login is nominated for those security reasons alone.

My1Login is an online password manager that goes with you everywhere on every device making it completely cloud integrated. Store your passwords inside My1Login and never worry about remembering them again. With security of utmost importance, My1Login stands above the rest with their features and easy to understand application.

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Nifty Websites Collection My1Login



One of the most important factors in choosing a Nifty Website is that of it’s usefulness to those who need it the most. Outright provides a rich and detailed accounting service for small businesses with limited resources and manpower.

Through the entirely cloud based interface, Outright gives small business owners a place to manage their financials and if desired, their tax preparation as well. Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and Outright does them a service by developing such a comprehensive finance management solution.

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Nifty Websites Collection Outright

Those are the 2012 Nifty Website of the Year nominees! Your vote not only means you get a chance to win a Roku, but it also matters to the nominees who will receive 6 months of free promotional space on GeekITDown.com.

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