5 Tips To Improve Your KoA: Reckoning Experience

5 Tips To Improve Your KoA: Reckoning Experience

With any new game there is a bit of trepidation around getting started. Do I need to do this or that? Is there a special sequence of events I need to follow? Open world games like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, dispel many of those feelings by allowing players to move freely through the game without a set destination or end point. Having said that, there are a few things players can do to make their Reckoning journey easier.

5 Tips To Improve Your KoA: Reckoning Experience

Train Skills to Suit your Character

There are a lot of skills available for whichever style of play you wish to pursue. So many in fact that it can get a little overwhelming when deciding what to learn and to what extent. Make things easy on yourself by training the skills which best suit your character. If you’ve chosen finesse and are on the path to becoming a rogue, then train the stealth and ranged skills. You’ll have time later to add certain perks to your character from the other classes, but focusing on pertinent skills now will make your character stronger and more effective.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Skills

Use Weapons that Fit Your Style of Play

Who doesn’t love a sword bigger than an entire body, right? Maybe. Regardless, if you’re on the path of might, then you’ll want to carry longswords, hammers and the like. You wouldn’t expect a warrior, armored to the teeth, to be swinging around a dagger or casting spells so don’t make your character either. Stick with weapons that fit your character build to gain expertise. By doing so, your character becomes a more powerful, precise fighter.

Block, Dodge, Move and Get Out of the Way

Fighting can be all hack-n-slash if you so desire, but there are going to be times when the enemy is too tough to stand in front of it and tank all that damage. Learn to get out of the way and move your character around during battle. Combat is not fixed, nor is there a delay in motion so start using dodge right now. Block is another great way to lessen the damage your character will take. Shields are plentiful so its best to acquire one and make use of it. If you want to be a fluid, graceful fighter who leaves others in awe, then get moving during battle.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Battle

Train Alchemy

This is one skillset that every character needs to know. Potions aren’t cheap and don’t grow on trees, but with some basic alchemy characters can use knowledge to create concoctions from the harvests they’ve acquired. The benefits are endless and requires little effort.

Get a House

We’ve already covered How To Get A House in another article, but the point needs to be made for acquiring one. Storage is tight and always is in games where gear is a feature. In order to save all the items you obtain, you’ll need a place to stash them. That’s where a house comes in. There’s a quest early on in Reckoning which will allow you to procure a house and start hoarding.

Bonus Tip

Invest in archery as a secondary fighting option. Archery gear advances as the game progresses which means more powerful arrows and bows will present themselves. In Reckoning, archers auto-aim at targets so there isn’t much thought or skill needed to use a bow. As a secondary weapon, a character can shoot off a great number of arrows before having to engage an enemy in close quarters which gives you the advantage. The damage an enemy takes will be less than running them through with a sword, but will wear them down a bit before you close in for the kill.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Archer

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    I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

    Great blog and brilliant design and style.

  3. chief_geek says:

    @DARKSTAR888 – I’d like to move this discussion off the comments area and onto email to keep your privacy intact. I’ll put together some info and reply to the address you designated for your comments.

    Undeliverable email address – If you still want the info, you can fill out the private contact form here.

  4. DARKSTAR888 says:

    Thanks for the info. Ive actually had a brief dealing with the company Blizzard. Six months for completing my art degree, I am diligently submitting my portfolio to every company that will give it the time of day. I have covered all of the game design companies, even some of the independent. Even sent it to Disney and Pixar.
    Things brings me to a question. My degree doesnt contain background in computer design and it seems to be a popular theme among my responses that these companies want people who are skilled artists that are educated in producing their work on a computer. I have done research on programs, though expensive, that can be installed and used on a labtop that can teach me the skills I am looking for, and also be used in conjunction with online courses that can give me just a small technical degree to supplement my art degree.
    My question, which I presume lies in a field that you are highly educated on, is what specifics am I looking for in a computer that will meet the requirements needed to support these design programs. Also, what is an appromixate cost I am looking at. Thanks in advance, I know this is a little off topic from what we ve been discussing.

  5. chief_geek says:

    @DARKSTAR888 – Diablo 3 is a bit of a quandary. I’m glad you asked, we almost did a piece on this very issue. While the game is excellent, apparently solid plans weren’t in place to bring it to the console. So the rub is this, there is a lot of money to be made from selling it for consoles, but it isn’t ready for consoles. On top of that, it’s rumored that resources are limited for actually moving forward with a console version. Blizzard says they want a console version, but timing is a big issue at this point. While PC players continue on, console owners wait and that growing gap will only make a release less likely. We’ll have to continuing waiting, but if something significant pops up we’ll be sure to report on it.

  6. chief_geek says:

    @DARKSTAR888 – Equipment: The short answer is no. There is a full Shadowskin set when the Travelers quest-line is complete, but by the time I got around to completing it, the items were of little use to me. In fact the best piece I used was Dreadscale Armor which I purchased. Highlights: 39 Finesse / 4 gem slots.

    Cards: Pure Finesse all the way through to Nightblade. Never used an alternate combination. Early on I was tempted, but my character ultimately became untouchable as Finesse became maxxed out.

    Skills: I used any extra points in the Sorcery tree for ‘Chakram Master’ and others which helped with that weapon type. The only Might skill I was interested in was block. My character did not suffer.

    Basically, equipment was lacking as far as uber-gear goes. A lot of the Finesse only type gear was gained way after it would have been useful. Hope that helps!

  7. DARKSTAR888 says:

    One last thing, it pains to not to be able to play Diablo 3 as my labtop is simply not powerful enough (video card wise ect. ) to play. Just wondering what your opinion of the game is and if you heard anything about it coming to console. Seems like it would be a easy money maker for blizzard to bring it to xbox live….

  8. DARKSTAR888 says:

    Thanks. But was wondering if you remember any side quests that warrant you excellent finesse equipment. I pretend that blacksmithing doesnt exist during this playthrough. I just feel it makes your character too powerful, and more importantly it takes away the importance of looting chests and enemies; as any unique equipment you find doesnt compare to what you can craft.
    One thing I noticed while examing the destiny cards, was the finess/might card is arguably more useful for a pure finesse build than just the finesse card. The %bonus to ranged doesnt vary significantly while you receive a huge melee bonus, which isnt included on the pure finesse one. Also ill note that I feel that damage reduction while dodging is utterly useless. What card did you use? I noticed that if you can pair some of those might damage increasing skills with your bow or faeblades, you would be pretty unstoppable. Did you use any might skills? I know it would require your level to come close to the max 40 to utilize the attack speed one in might.
    So, just wandering what fate card you used, if you used any might abilities(I thought the lower tier def and health bonus would be a must), and also if you recall any side quests that reward some good finesse equipment. Thanks a lot.

  9. chief_geek says:

    @DARKSTAR888 – Played through as a Finesse (rogue) character. The eq drops were less plentiful than Might in my experience, but the damage bonus on sneak attacks was excellent. I did go against the Warsworn which I found utterly satisfying – mostly because by that time I was sick of receiving awesome hammers as a reward, which as a Finesse character was useless to me. No real recommendations, obviously sneak is the skill to learn quickly but from an abilities standpoint I enjoyed the ‘Gambit’ skill – great for groups of enemies and when combined with archery makes it easy to get the juggler achievement.

  10. DARKSTAR888 says:

    Hmm, I never really thought about it like that. I guess while the drops are pretty even, more of the rewards from quests seem to be might equipment. I know one thing, with us agreeing that the challenge was lacking, playing as a might character might pose as the least fun to play as, in retrospect. As I mentioned before, with some mastercrafting and a higher level, you can become indestructable, and the game quickly turns into a all-out hack and slash, yeilding a lot of button mashing and little strategy.
    That brings me to a question, if I may trouble you about. I was anxious to play through again as a evil rogue, utilizing the stealth skill by pickpocketing and murder, heh.
    So I would like to inquire from you whether or not you played through as a rogue or took the evil route. I recall a few instances where you could sway to the evil side. Like siding with the spider lady (forget her name) and killing the townspeople of Webwood, or siding with the demon (man im bad at names) at the end of the Warsworn quest, which ive read calls for you to go to war with the Warsworn. Any thoughts or recommendations ? Thank you in advance.

  11. chief_geek says:

    @DARKSTAR888 – First, thanks for the comments! Second, lots of good points. I’m curious whether or not you felt the game was geared towards Might more than the others. Personally, I felt it was but nevertheless found it somewhat lacking in challenge as well. Diablo came out on Tuesday (5/15/2012), it’s been a long wait. We hope to put together some reading material on that as well.

  12. DARKSTAR888 says:

    Being a former Diablo 2 finatic, I can see similarities between the two, and in fact, consider Reckoning to be a well-crafted compilation of Diablo 2, Fable 3, and Darkstalkers; the and complexity of Diablo (loot spawns and skill trees), the immense story of Fable 3 (though much more complex), and the combat system of Darkstalkers (brings an action game aspect to an RPG).
    With that said, I have just finished the game using a pure might build and all master crafted equipment. I must say that though maxing your blacksmithing and sagecraft skills can be very useful, I recommend investing in other skills. Reason being: at any point of the game you can visit a ”fateweaver” and have your invested skills points invested reset. I tended to do all my crafting immediately after visiting a fateweaver, only to revisit to reset again to reassign my points in their former slots.
    Overall, great game. I was expecting more at the end, especially with all the time and effort they put in dialogue throughout the story. My biggest regret is that the game was simply not difficult enough. Once you reach a certain point, or equip mastercrafted equip for that matter, you can simply be an unstoppable force. I dont even remember ever dying in the game now that I mention it. What made Diablo such a long lasting success online, was the interaction in multiplayer (which Reckoning surely lacks and is meant more to play solo) and its unrivaled difficulty. You could play hardcore for months and still not come close to ”owning” Diablo 2.
    (By the way, I hear Diablo 3 was just released…wish it would come to console.

  13. chief_geek says:

    @Moses – Good tips, thanks for contributing!

  14. Moses says:

    As well. I really suggest either putting some points into blacksmithing or sagecraft. It really pays off in the end. Sagecraft you can combine and create “weapon” gems and sell them for a lot in KoA.

    But I went toward blacksmith. You can shell out 300k+ in Rathir for Azurite+ weapons and armor or you can salvage your weapons that you find in the game and make some uber powerful ones that blow the vendor weapons out of the water.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  15. chief_geek says:

    @Hinenuitepo – Indeed Chakrams are a good add to Reckoning, thanks for chiming in!

  16. Hinenuitepo says:

    I agree on the chakram post. Even though I’m a warrior, with just enough points in sorcery to max out chakram damage, I’m actually doing more damage with chakrams than with hammers or greatswords (including all the special moves). Chakrams are OP!

  17. chief_geek says:

    @Ryan – Good point. I think it’s great that there’s a choice for players.

  18. Ryan Griffin says:

    Personally I like the chakrams over the bowery and arrow, there quicker and deal more damage. Great tips though, things are pretty scarce on the web about this game right now.