Create Your Own Video Collage Online Using Flixtime

Create Your Own Video Collage Online Using Flixtime


How would you like to make a video memory of a family vacation, holiday affair or special life moment? With Flixtime you can. Flixtime helps you create unique 60-second videos based around user images and videos.

There’s no need to be a video expert with Flixtime. Users upload images and video which they already have and use the Flixtime service to manipulate them into a collage. The collage can be combined with text input from the user along with accompanying audio. Along the way, Flixtime keeps users apprised of the length and time with options for editing and trimming the video to fit into a 60-second timeframe.

Flixtime supports MP4, DivX, H.264 and FLV files for output of your video with a max resolution of 640×360. While the different formats may be more information than the typical user needs, more advanced video enthusiasts have the option to choose their preferred format. There are some size limitations for video, audio and image input files of 75MB, 15MB and 7MB respectively. For a 60-second video collage, those limits seem reasonable.

Users can mix their video in anyway they choose. Items can be rearranged or reordered to suit the video, text can be aligned arbitrarily for added effect and images can be rotated or duplicated for additional effect. If the video is themed, Flixtime provides stock images and audio samples for creating a true depiction for the video event. Any video created with Flixtime is the available for download or sharing. Flixtime provides sharing support to sites like Facebook and YouTube, with a direct upload to your YouTube account if shared through Flixtime.

Flixtime is a neat way for individuals to create unique videos made from captured memories. Additional uses of Flixtime may be for quick presentational videos or small business video ads. Flixtime offers a free plan, but most users will want the Lite plan at minimum which is $5 for one month of usage.

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