Dragonborn's The Gardener Of Men [Skyrim]

Dragonborn’s The Gardener Of Men [Skyrim]

At the end of The Path of Knowledge, your character must read the black book to begin The Gardener of Men. It’s at that point we pick up the Dragonborn DLC main quest line.

For other black books, review the Complete Black Book Locations List.

The Gardener of Men

Chapter 1

  • Activate the scrye.
    Tip: Do not jump in the liquid.
  • Wait for the large structure, located in the center of the fluid, to spin. Then walk into the opening.
  • Move through the tunnel to the opposite end and exit onto another platform.
  • Activate scrye to lower a bridge to another platform located just in front of the platform you’re on.
  • Board the moving tunnel and exit across the bridge lowered by the scrye.

Chapter 2

  • Approach the book pedestal and open Chapter II.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Chapter 2
  • Follow the corridor and activate scrye to cover the liquid.
  • Defeat Seekers and Lurker.
  • Activate scrye to open gate.

Chapter 3

  • Pass through the open gate and open Chapter III.
  • Climb the stairs and board the moving tunnel.
  • Optional: Exit onto the first platform and defeat Lurker. Move northwest to take a high ground position above Seekers. Jump down to activate ramps to an elevated pod. From the pod position, move south and activate scrye to lower bridge. Move east and again board the moving tunnel.
  • Optional: Exit onto the second platform. Defeat Seekers and grab Spell Tomb: Conjure Seeker. Board tunnel.
  • Follow the tunnel to its end and activate scrye.
  • Follow the path to its end and activate scrye.

Chapter 4

  • Move through the corridor and open Chapter IV.
  • Activate scrye.
  • Read black book, Episcolary Acumen to speak with Hermaeos Mora and learn Word of Power, mind Bend Will.
  • Choose 1 ability to enhance from the book before leaving. Choices are Dragonborn Force, Dragonborn Flame, Dragonborn Frost. Each enhances their associated shout.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Force
  • Exit Apocrypha to Solstheim through the book.
    Note: Game may appear to freeze when leaving Apocrypha. It’s not a freeze, just slow to load.

Non-chapter Steps

  • Exit Nchardak and defeat Krosulhah.
  • Travel to Skaal Village, located southeast of the Wind Stone.
  • Speak with Storn.
  • Learn Word of Power, dragon, Bend Will.
  • Complete The Gardener of Men and begin At The Summit of Apocrypha.

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