The Path Of Knowledge Walk-through [Skyrim]

The Path Of Knowledge Walk-through [Skyrim]

Continuing on with the main quest-line in Dragonborn, The Path of Knowledge takes place in a Dwarven ruins. Of course that means a lot of switches, endless passageways and a lengthy ordeal to move on with the story.

The Path of Knowledge follows The Fate of the Skaal or preceded by Cleansing the Stones if so desired.

The Path of Knowledge

  • Travel to Tel Mithryn, located southeast of the Sun Stone.
  • Speak with Neloth to gain information about the Black Books.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Neloth
  • Travel to Nchardak, located off the east coast and northeast of the Sun Stone.
  • Defeat any enemies and make your way to the easternmost platform/structure.
  • Enter Nchardak Reading Room.
    Note: Be sure Neloth accompanies you to the entrance since only he can unlock it.
  • Follow Neloth to the lift to the Nchardak Great Chamber.
    Note: Again, only Neloth can unlock it.
  • Continue on with Neloth. He will instruct you as needed.
  • Enter Nchardak Workshop.
    Tip: Use the Control Cube Neloth provides.
  • Head east, once inside, to grab cube #2.
  • Move along the path across the bridge and activate one of the control pedestals to lower the water level.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Control Pedestal
  • Jump down and activate the control pedestal on the northern side to create a staircase.
  • Walk up the southern staircase to retrieve the cube used to lower the water, in order to raise the water so you can use the northern stairs.
  • Jump down and enter the door to the north.
  • Move west along the corridor to grab cube #3.
  • Walk/swim out the way you entered and across to the southern door to enter the next area.
  • Along the western edge is cube #4.
    Tip: Attack the centurion across from the cube pedestal prior to grabbing it to do sneak attack damage.
  • When the water rises, move southwest and up to the control switch.
  • Activate the switch to open the exit path to the north.
  • Enter Nchardak Great Chamber.
  • Place cubes on both pedestals to lower the water level and reveal paths.
    The southern path leads to trinkets in a chest. The northern path is the Nchardak Aqueduct where the final cube is located.
  • Enter Nchardak Aqueduct.
  • Walk up the ramp to the platform above the entrance.
  • Activate the control switches to lower the bridges.
    Tip: Activate the control switches in the following order: Center → Left → Right → Center

    Skyrim Dragonborn Nchardak Control Switches

  • Follow the path across the bridges and up until you reach a control pedestal.
  • Activate the control pedestal to lower the water level.
  • Make your way down and move through the western door and along the corridor to obtain the final cube.
  • Swim out to the main aqueduct area where Neloth awaits and grabs the cube you left behind.
  • Swim to the exit and enter Nchardak Great Chamber.
  • Move to the center area to activate the Boiler Control Pedestals.
  • Remove one from the platform above.
    Note: Leave 1 cube in place to keep the water level low.
  • Talk to Neloth to obtain the fourth cube.
  • Activate the boiler pedestals and defeat centurion.
  • Exit Nchardak Great Chamber and follow Neloth to Nchardak Reading Room.
  • Activate button to complete A Path to Knowledge.
  • Read the black book to begin The Gardener of Men.

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