Getting Started With Skyrim Hearthfire DLC

Getting Started With Skyrim Hearthfire DLC

Hearthfire is the second DLC release for Skyrim behind the extremely successful Dawnguard DLC which was released June 26, 2012.

Hearthfire allows players to build custom homes and enjoy suburban Skyrim life with a family. The DLC is only $5 (400 points) and currently only available for Xbox 360.  Here’s how to get started with Hearthfire.

How To Start Hearthfire

There are two ways to start Hearthfire.

Method #1

The first involves receiving a note from a courier about the potential of owning land. The problem with that method is that it isn’t working 100% for players. That leads us to method #2.

Method #2

  1. Travel to Dawnstar.
  2. Speak with Jarl Brina Merilis.
  3. Ask her about the land. “Is that land you mentioned still available?”
  4. Purchase the land for $5k coin.
    Note: There seems to be a question of whether one has to be Thane in order to purchase the land. As point of reference, for this land purchase the character was not officially named Thane, however had completed the necessary citizen help required to obtain the Thane title. Our opinion is that being Thane is not required since the title had not officially been granted at time of land purchase.
  5. Visit your new property in Pale Hold. Travel to Heljarchen Hall which is located north of Loreius Farm, north of Whiterun.
  6. Find the Drafting Table, Workbench and chest with supplies.
  7. Use the Drafting Table to begin planning your home layout.

Skyrim Hearthfire House Layout


Heljarchen Hall is not the only home site available with the new Hearthfire DLC, but it will get you going and the location is decent as well.


Xbox 360 players receive 10g achievement for starting Hearthfire.

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