How To Craft Stalhrim Items [Skyrim]

How To Craft Stalhrim Items [Skyrim]

Stalhrim is a new ore introduced in the Dragonborn DLC. It is an extremely rare (meaning found only in Solstheim) deposit which can be used to smith new gear in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Aside from actually finding Stalhrim deposits, there are a number of requirements for crafting it into gear.

Skyrim Stalhrim Deposit

Crafting Stalhrim Gear

  • Required: Ebony smithing perk. This is a must, so make sure you have the perk.

A New Source of Stalhrim

Completion of this quest provides you with everything else necessary for smithing Stalhrim into gear. You may have been approached during the main quest by a Skaal villager about finding Baldor Iron-Shaper. If not, then you’ll need to head to Skaal Village and speak with the people to trigger that quest.

  • Once triggered, rescue Baldor Iron-Shaper from a group of Thalmor at an Abandoned Lodge, located southwest of Frostmoon Crag and northeast of Bloodskal Barrow.
  • Speak with Baldor Iron-Shaper to discover information about a Stalhrim Source Map.
  • Retrieve the Stalhrim Source Map from a group of Thalmor at Northshore Landing, located west of Castle Karstaag Ruins and northwest of White Ridge Barrow.
  • Return the Stalhrim Source Map to Baldor Iron-Shaper at Skaal Village.
  • Baldor Iron-Shaper entrusts you with the Stalhrim smithing knowledge as thanks for returning the map.
  • Complete A New Source of Stalhrim.

Notes & Tips

  • Stalhrim doesn’t need to be smelt.
  • Frost enchantments are 25% stronger on Stalhrim crafted items.
  • Baldor Iron-Shaper sells small quantities of the ore.
  • Xbox 360 owners receive an achievement for crafting a Stalhrim item.

Stalhrim Locations

  • Stalhrim Source
  • Benkongerike
  • Raven Rock Mine
  • Small island northeast of Northshore Landing
  • Kolbjorn Barrow
  • Gyldenhul Barrow

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One Response

  1. Ariekanarie says:

    Get Stalhrim without te hassle:

    Press ~ to bring up console.
    Type [help stalhrim 4] and enter.
    There are a bunch of item codes shown, whick should all start with the same two digits. Remember these.

    Now type [player.additem xx02b06b 1] in which you replace the xx with the two digits you were rembering. Press enter. There should be one Stalhrim added to your inventory. You can change the last ‘1’ to any quantity you like, in case you need more Stalhrim.

    Hope it helps!