How To Obtain Black Book Filament And Filigree [Skyrim]

How To Obtain Black Book Filament And Filigree [Skyrim]

Filament and Filigree is one of the 7 black books available in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. The book is undoubtedly the most time consuming to obtain due to the nature of the quest, but quite possibly the simplest once you gain access.

The Black Book Filament and Filigree quest is at the back end of the Ralis excavations quest, Unearthed, in which your character is tasked with funding and for lack of a better word security of the excavation site.

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Ralis Excavations – Unearthed

The excavations are time consuming in that once you start the quest, the most difficult task is simply waiting for Ralis to contact you about the next phase of excavation. We won’t be doing a complete walk-through for this part, but have highlighted some sections of note including rewards.

  • Start this quest early if possible, it will help with passing the time.
    Note: The initial phase costs 1k gold. Subsequent phases cost 2k, 3k and 5k respectively.
  • All the phases are fairly straightforward, clear out enemies and collect any bounty available.
  • The third phase offers a tile puzzle which is laid out on the ground of a large chamber. Correct tile depresses will open the gate which grants access to Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana (stats below).
    Tip: The tiles must be depressed individually only once so that all are lit at the same time. Start at one corner and move back and forth along each row as quickly as possible to light them all up and open the gate.

Unearthed Final Phase

  • Approach shout wall to obtain Word of Power, Strike, Cyclone.
  • Move northeast to tile puzzle room. Get ring (see above if not already obtained).
  • Take the northwest passage to another chamber.
  • Activate the pillars on the northwest wall.
    Tip: Activate both pillars as fish to unlock gate and obtain Ahzidal’s Armor of Retribution (stats below). Activate both pillars as birds to open the passage down.
  • Move down the staircase.
    Tip: Stalhrim deposit available on western wall.
  • Move to the northeast wall and activate both pillars as serpents to obtain Ahzidal’s Helm of Vision (stats below).
  • Pass through southwest door.
  • Defeat Ahzidal.
  • Speak with Ralis to complete Unearthed.


  • Ahzidal’s Mask: Increases fire resistance by 50% and fire spell damage by 25%.
  • Ahzidal’s Boots of Waterwalking: Waterwalking. If you wear any 4 Relics of Ahzidal, +10 enchanting.
    Skyrim Ahzidal Waterwalking Boots
  • Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy: Whenever a creature you have reanimated takes damage, they explode for 50 points of Frost damage and die.
  • Ahzidal’s Gauntlets of Warding: Your wards are 25% less effective, but absorb 50% of the magicka from incoming spells.
  • Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana: Allows you to cast the spells Ignite and Freeze.
  • Ahzidal’s Armor of Retribution: Enemies who strike you with a melee attack have a small chance of being paralyzed.
  • Ahzidal’s Helm of Vision: Your Conjuration and Rune spells cost 25% more, but can be cast at a greater range.

Black Book Filament & Filigree

  • After defeating Ahzidal, exit the chamber to the southwest to find black book Filament and Filigree.
  • Open black book Filament and Filigree to be transported to Apocrypha.
    Tip: Much like Black Book The Sallow Regent, this area of Apocrypha is encased in darkness. You can stave off the poison by using the candlelight spell.
  • Follow the southern path and up the steps.
  • Activate scrye to open gate.
  • Defeat enemies and move along the southern path to black book Filament and Filigree.
  • Complete Black Book Filament and Filigree.
  • Exit to Solstheim and follow the northeast passage.
    Tip: Mine stalhrim deposit along the way.
    Tip: Activate the lever at the dead end to reveal a staircase up.


  • Secret of Strength: Power attacks cost no stamina for 30 seconds.
  • Secret of Arcana: Spells cost no magicka for 30 seconds.
  • Secret of Protection: You take half damage for 30 seconds.

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  2. GIMICS says:

    Easier way of waiting for it to be done is.
    1.)Go back to the main town.
    2.)Wait for two twenty four hour periods.
    3.)Go back to the area talk to Ralis.
    4.)Ignore his dialogue and wait another twenty four hour period.
    5.)Go back to the main town and the courier will be there waiting for you.