KoA: Reckoning - House of Valor Quest

KoA: Reckoning – House of Valor Quest

This sixth faction quest is available as downloadable content. The quest pits you and a companion of your choice against squadrons in an arena competition to the death. Note: For other house quest-lines, check out our KoA: Reckoning – House Quests post.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already downloaded the content, then do so. The special redeem code and instructions are outlined in the leaflet that accompanied your retail game. Once you’ve successfully activated your online pass, you’re ready to begin.

Make sure everything was done properly with the House of Valor content download by checking your map. Pull up your map, scroll to the right and look for ‘House of Valor’ in Detyre. That’s your destination.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning House of Valor


House of Valor Faction Quest

  • Speak with Jakin Madsen. Note: You may need to rescue him from two brutes.
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Jakin Madsen
  • Start quest ‘Earning Valor‘. The quest involves defeating Might, Sorcery and Finesse groups in the Arena Pit. Defeat all three to continue with the questline.
  • Speak with Jakin Madsen to start ‘A Valorous Proposition‘.
  • Speak with Tyr Magnus (House of Valor Champion) in the Champion’s Manor.
  • Speak with Jakin Madsen to begin the Arena Pit battle and defeat Mad Dog.
  • Speak with Jakin Madsen to start ‘A Viper For All Seasons‘.
  • Speak with Jakin Madsen to start ‘Meeting With Magnus‘.
  • Meet with one of Magnus’ henchmen behind the stairs. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this. For instance, my first run through I tried to persuade with a 5% chance and succeeded.
  • Speak with Jakin Madsen to start ‘Championship Match‘. You’ll be fighting Magnus and his chief henchmen. If you want to know about them before defeating them, you can climb atop the arena stairs where they’re all gathered in one area to the far left.

Rewards: Key to Champion’s Manor, which is now a house for you. A new Twist of Fate card, Undisputed Champion and a greatsword.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Champion's Manor

The questline is fairly straight forward, the running theme is to keep talking to Jakin Madsen and fighting in the pit. Along the way, you’ll run into a character called Jokull. He rewards you with a new piece of equipment after each arena battle. The gear is decent and mostly geared towards those following the Might path.


  • I found the sorceress to be the most potent ally in the arena, although none of them are much help.
  • Focus on the leader in each battle. Once he falls, the rest are like fodder.
  • Dodging is your best defense. Roll out of the way and attack. Repeat.
  • In the ‘Championship Match’, focus on the henchmen before Tyr. It’s harder to get to him otherwise. The archer goes down quick, the sorcerer is the most elusive and the fighter is easy once the sorcerer is gone.

Final Notes

The House of Valor questline is uncomplicated, but you’ll need to be prepared. If you run it straight through you can probably complete it in about 30 minutes or so. The rewards are good and the Arena Board offers some additional challenges for making money.

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  2. Flinius says:

    Hey the House of Valor is closed for an annual tournament… How can I open it???

  3. chief_geek says:

    @B – Have never seen that before. It’s likely waiting for a specific interaction or progression from your character. Make sure you are up to date with speaking to all parties and have accomplished all prerequisites in your current questline.

  4. B says:

    The house of Valor is closed for an annual team tournament. Do you know when it’ll reopen?

  5. chief_geek says:

    @Drew – Thanks for commenting! After the quest is complete they lock, as you know. Although it says they can only be opened with a key, we have yet to find such a key. It may be a pickpocket item, but haven’t come across it. If anyone knows of a key, please feel free to share the info here.

  6. Drew says:

    Nice post, loved the Arena DLC. After you become the champion it appears the only time you can get back in to the arena is if you enter a board challenge. The doors at ground level as well as up in the stands (which I’ve never been in) are always locked. Is there some way to get the key? Has anyone been in the arena going through the upper deck entrance?

  7. chief_geek says:

    @zach – The room is behind the fireplace on the first floor. You’ll need a few points in the detect hidden skill to find it.

  8. zach jeffrey says:

    on the house quest page you say there is a secret room in the champion manor. where is this room located?

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  11. chief_geek says:

    @steven – Certainly not a deal breaker, although I found the ‘House of Valor’ quest to be worth the effort. If money is an issue, then this is a nice way to get a lot in a short amount of time. The experience is a plus too since the Arena battles just pile up without wandering around Amalur.

  12. steven says:

    Is the DLC questlines worth it or not much a big deal? Without it, is t whole experience a deal breaker?

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