Land That Job - Apply By Video Through JobOn

Land That Job – Apply By Video Through JobOn

In today’s job market, individuals need to standout. Making an impression is of utmost importance and making the right impression is even more important. JobOn takes the traditional job application process and turns it on its head. Now applicants can use their well molded image to make that crucial first impression.


We’ve blogged at length about video solutions in terms of chat, advertising and sharing. Fact is, video continues to advance and dominate all aspects of online interaction. JobOn is taking the recruitment industry to a more personal level with video applications.

Employers see thousands of applications and resumes each and every week. Standing out in the crowd is difficult if not impossible with many submissions left unseen due to the volume of responses. JobOn users send a video response to help wanted posts from employers. Applicants answer several questions on video and through JobOn send the video to hiring agents.

Unlike in person interviews, JobOn’s video application system allows for retakes. Users can re-shoot their video responses to project the best possible image and of course eliminate any stuttering or word-tripping. As with any video presentation, applicants will want to appear as they would for a live interview. Since video captures everything, appearance is key and enthusiasm in answering questions geared towards job interests is still important. JobOn makes use of existing webcams as well as smartphone cameras. Use of smartphone cameras could ease the nervousness for those who have difficulty talking to inanimate objects.

JobOn’s approach makes the process a rewarding one. Employers don’t miss out on exceptional candidates and applicants deliver a unique, personable, first impression while focusing on the jobs they like. Video sharing information and answering questions allows applicants to really showcase their talents and strengths in a gratifying way. Instead of a faceless name on a piece of paper, applicants are a face describing their expertise. JobOn is a free service for all job seekers.

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