The Temple Of Miraak Walk-through [Skyrim]

The Temple Of Miraak Walk-through [Skyrim]

Now that you’ve activated the Dragonborn main quest-line, it’s time to get moving and show Skyrim who the real Dragonborn is. Following the Dragonborn starter quest, comes The Temple of Miraak where the villain is revealed.

How to complete ‘The Temple of Miraak’

  • Speak with Frea at the Temple of Miraak. Speaking with her initiates a battle with cultists. Defeat the cultists and follow Frea down the landing and into the temple.
    Warning: There is a serious glitch that can occur during the battle with the cultists. Your character may end up walking through walls and in mid air. Essentially the character ignores boundaries and moves along a flat, invisible plane. If you run into this problem, the only way out is to restart your last save. To prevent it from occurring again, face Frea and the center pillar so that your back is to the entrance. When the cultists attack, stand still and let Frea defeat them or use only your bow and arrow to use ranged attacks. When the battle is finished you can move on without issue.
  • Move through the temple with Frea.
    Note: The first 3 rooms which offshoot the main corridor are stocked with potions and coin. Nothing excessive, but some helpful.
  • Move through the corridor until you reach the first main chamber.
    Tip: There is a throne area on the northern wall but is inaccessible from the short stairs beside it. Walk up the short set of stairs and turn right to see a skeleton. Walk past the skeleton and onto the archway. Follow the archway to its peak and jump across onto the throne platform. Loot and move on.
  • Follow the path downwards and forward until you reach the Temple of Miraak Sanctum.
  • Enter Temple of Miraak Sanctum.
  • Follow the path to a dead end and obtain the shout – strength, Dragon Aspect.
    Note: Dragon Aspect shout: Once a day, take on the mighty aspect of a dragon, delivering colossal blows with an armored hide, and more powerful shouts.
  • In the same chamber, kill the gatekeeper and other enemies.
  • Loot the Temple of Miraak key from the gatekeeper.
  • Use the key to exit the chamber.
    Tip: The exit is a door through the gatekeeper’s crypt/coffin.
  • Continue on to the second chamber following the gatekeeper’s room.
  • After you’re finished looting, follow the corridor to the right of the Alchemy Lab to find an alcove with a handle.
  • Activate the handle to reveal a hidden passage.
  • Follow the passage towards a handle in front of a large grating on the floor.
  • Activate the handle and follow the stairs downwards.
  • Follow the path to a dead end and activate yet another handle to open a hidden passage.
  • Follow the passage to a large chamber.
  • Defeat the enemies and move up the chamber staircase.
  • At the back of the chamber is a pull chain which reveals the final hidden passage.
  • Read the ‘Black Book’ and obtain Book of Waking Dreams.
    Tip: For other black books, review the Complete Black Book Locations List.
  • Cut-scene: Your character’s consciousness is transported to a face to face with the first Dragonborn, Miraak.
  • Talk to Frea to complete The Temple of Miraak and begin The Fate of the Skaal.


Although the steps are a bit long, this quest itself is rather quick. Whether by design or just dumb luck, Frea as a companion was especially cautious of sneaking during this quest. Typically the companion completely ruins the sneak/hide damage bonus once an enemy is engaged, but Frea actually waited to engage until proximity-wise it made sense.

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