The Fate Of The Skaal Walk-Through [Skyrim]

The Fate Of The Skaal Walk-Through [Skyrim]

If you’ve been following along, then you know The Fate of the Skaal is the next chapter of the main quest-line following The Temple of Miraak. Thus far, we’ve learned who the villain is in Dragonborn and a bit about Raven Rock.

Now it’s time to see what can be done to oppose Miraak and prevent his plan from coming to fruition.

The Fate of the Skaal

  • Travel to Skaal Village with Frea, located to the northeast of Raven Rock along the sea.
  • Talk to Storn Crag-Strider.
  • Travel to Saering’s Watch, located northwest of Skaal Village, Benkongerike and Wind Stone.
  • Defeat the Serpentine Dragon and other enemies.
    Tip: If you move along the southwestern edge of Saering’s Watch up the mountain, you can defeat the Serpentine Dragon (dragonrend shout can help here) and approach the shout wall from above. Thus taking the high ground on the Saering’s Watch duergars.
  • Learn shout – earth, Bend Will.
  • Travel to Wind Stone, located northwest of Skaal Village.
  • Use shout Bend Will on the stone.
  • Defeat the Lurker Guardian.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Lurker Guardian
  • Travel to Skaal Village.
    Skyrim Dragonborn Skaal Village
  • Speak with Storn Crag-Strider, located inside Shaman’s Hut to complete The Fate of the Skaal and begin both Cleansing the Stones and The Path of Knowledge.

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