Frost Giant And Paragon Locations [Skyrim]

Frost Giant And Paragon Locations [Skyrim]

Frost giants make their first appearance in Skyrim with the Dawnguard DLC. They hold Paragons which are egg shaped devices used in conjunction with the Paragon Portal to open portals to treasure locations. There are 5 total and are located throughout the areas involved in the Touching The Sky quest.

Skyrim Frost Giant

Frost Giant & Paragon Locations

Amethyst Paragon

  • Location: Forgotten Vale.
  • Route: Move north along the eastern river bed (the same river where the Wayshrine of Learning is located).
  • Treasures: Mostly potions and some equipment.

Diamond Paragon

  • Location: Forgotten Vale.
  • Route: After exiting Glacial Crevice, move north to path’s end.
  • Treasures: Potions and equipment. Nothing of consequence.

Emerald Paragon

  • Location: Forgotten Vale.
  • Route: A somewhat direct route is to pass through Sharpslope Cave and follow the path up through the Falmer village area. The giant is behind a gate.
  • Treasures: Unknown Book Volume II (part of a separate side quest), equipment and misc. gems/potions. Note: The treasure area is located down river just before the waterfall.
    Skyrim Emerald Paragon

Ruby Paragon

  • Location: Inner Sanctum.
  • Route: Along the western wall of the first room is a small pillar. Activate the pillar by placing the Ewer on top of it to open a passage. The giant is at the end of the passage.
  • Note: Another pillar can be activated near the giant to open another wall passage.
  • Treasures: Auriel’s Shield (found on Falmer Warmonger), misc. items.

Sapphire Paragon

  • Location: Forgotten Vale.
  • Route: Follow the steep steps up the mountain from the river bed (across from Amethyst Paragon holding Frost Giant). At the midway point, veer off the path to the right. The giant is located across the river.
  • Treasures: A great many gems and some equipment.

Paragon Portal

The Paragon Portal is used to activate and open a portal to the treasure areas by using the Paragons. The portal can be found across the river from the Frost Giant holding the Sapphire Paragon in Forgotten Vale.

The Paragons can be used at anytime and it is not required to collect them all before entering a treasure area.

A Paragon Socket is located to the side of the portal gate. Activate the portal by placing a Paragon inside the socket.

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