Touching The Sky Walk-through [Skyrim]

Touching The Sky Walk-through [Skyrim]

Touching The Sky is a long quest which involves hunting down a snow elf’s brother and activating Wayshrines. The quest is part of the Dawnguard DLC and follows the Unseen Visions quest.

To begin Touching The Sky, travel to Darkfall Cave which is located west of Deepwood Redoubt and southwest of Mor Khazgur in western Skyrim.

Tip: It’s beneficial to complete all the Frost Giant objectives and collect the Paragons while you complete Touching The Sky. You can reference their locations in Frost Giant and Paragon Locations. Giant locations are marked with a ** so that you know when to reference the locations article.

Touching The Sky

Darkfall Cave

  • Enter Darkfall Cave and move through the cave to the bridge with 1 rope railing.
  • Jump off the bridge.
  • After a long fall, you’ll be rushed by the water deeper into the cave.
  • Make your way through the creek bed and past the spiders to a small camp.
  • The upper path is a shortcut back to the top. The lower path leads to Knight Paladin Gelebor.
    Tip: The alcove straight ahead offers a shortcut to Knight Paladin Gelebor. There is a pull-chain at the back of the alcove which opens a wall passage midway along the wall.
  • Locate and speak with Knight Paladin Gelebor. He will task you with killing his brother Arch-Curate Vyrthur before giving you Auriel’s Bow.
  • Enter the Wayshrine and open the portal to Darkfall Passage.

Darkfall Passage

  • Move through Darkfall Passage to a dead-end (just past a skeleton with Darkfall Passage Note II).
  • Open a hidden wall exit by activating the rope release on the wall.
  • Follow the path upwards to greet Prelate Sidanyis.
  • Speak with Prelate Sidanyis to gain access to Wayshrine.
  • Enter the Wayshring and draw water from the Basin with Initiate’s Ewer.
  • Open portal to Forgotten Vale.

Forgotten Vale

  • Travel down in the valley, north towards the far end.
  • Greet and speak with Prelate Athring to open the Wayshrine.
  • Enter the Wayshrine and draw water from the Basin with Initiate’s Ewer.
  • Head back south towards the entrance. Look for a path along the western side (there are 2).
  • Follow either path up, over the mountain and through a bunch of spiders.
    Tip: On the way down the mountain, there is a chest and skeleton to the right. Stop and pick up ‘Unknown Book Vol. I‘.
  • Move south along the riverbank to greet Prelate Celegriath at the Wayshrine of Learning.
  • Speak with Prelate Celegriath to open Wayshrine.
  • Enter the Wayshrine and draw water from the Basin with Initiate’s Ewer.
  • ** Travel back north along the riverbank on the eastern side to find a Frost Giant.
    Tip: Kill the Frost Giant to obtain the Amethyst Paragon. Find them all in article, Frost Giant and Paragon Locations.
  • ** Cross the river and move west up a steep step path.
    Tip: Move south towards the large frozen lake. At the lake you will encounter 2 dragons, Naaslaarum and Voslaarum along with a shout wall positioned near the edge atop a short set of steps.

    Skyrim Water Dragons

  • Proceed west towards the first of several bridges.
    Note: Depending on which way you’re coming from, you may not cross the bridge initially.
  • Greet and speak with Prelate Nirilor to open the Wayshrine.
  • Enter the Wayshrine and draw water from the Basin with Initiate’s Ewer.
  • ** Travel west either up through the mountain and bridges or along the stream at ground level until you reach the entrance to Glacial Crevice.
    Tip: You can save a trip back by grabbing ‘Unknown Book Vol. III‘ before leaving the area. From Glacial Crevice, travel up the path on the right, cross the bridge to the left and look for the book inside a tent.

Glacial Crevice

  • Enter Glacial Crevice.
  • Work your way through Glacial Crevice to the top.
    Note: There are several ways to move through Glacial Crevice and none of them are wrong. Players can choose to walk up through the mountain path, swim along the lake, swim underwater and combinations of them all.
  • Enter Forgotten Vale.

Forgotten Vale

  • ** Head east through the Falmer camp.
    Tip: At the end of the upper level is a hut with a Mammoth skull where ‘Unknown Book Vol. IV‘ is located.
  • Pass through the Falmer gate on ground level and continue up the mountain until you reach the Wayshrine of Radiance.
  • Greet and speak with Prelate Edhelbor to open the Wayshrine.
  • Enter the wayshrine and draw water from the Basin with Initiate’s Ewer.
  • Travel northeast towards the Inner Sanctum.
  • Atop the staircases there is a water basin. Pour the Ewer into the basin to unlock Inner Sanctum.

Inner Sanctum

  • Enter Inner Sanctum.
  • ** Move through the Inner Sanctum and exit the Sanctum structure.
  • Follow the western path to Auriel’s Chapel.
  • Move towards the edge and jump down.
  • Travel east to confront Arch-Curate Vyrthur.
  • Speak with Arch-Curate Vyrthur.
    Skyrim Arch-Curate Vyrthur
  • Defeat all enemies.
  • Defeat Arch-Curate Vyrthur.
  • Speak with Knight Paladin Gelebor.
  • Take Auriel’s Bow to complete Touching The Sky and start Kindred Judgment.

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