Unknown Book Locations [Skyrim]

Unknown Book Locations [Skyrim]

The first Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard, has a few mini-objectives inside the main quest storyline. One of them is the discovery of an Unknown Book which is written in an ancient Falmer language. There are 4 volumes in the set and are all available during the Touching The Sky quest, but can easily be missed. Here are their locations and what to do with them.

Unknown Book Locations

Unknown Book Vol. I

The first volume is on the downslope of a mountainside in Forgotten Vale beside a chest and skeleton. The area is between the Wayshrine of Sight and Wayshrine of Learning, just after the spiders atop the mountain. The Unknown Book will be on the ground next to the chest.

Skyrim Unknown Book Volume I

Unknown Book Vol. II

The second book is with a chest downstream before a waterfall. In order to get to this location, you’ll need the Emerald Paragon found on a Frost Giant. Then use the Paragon to open a portal to the treasure location which contains the Unknown Book. Frost Giant and Paragon locations.

Skyrim Emerald Paragon

Unknown Book Vol. III

Is also located in Forgotten Vale. Travel to the Glacial Crevice entrance. Turn around and travel up the path on the right. Cross the first bridge on the left and look for the Unknown Book inside a tent.

Unknown Book Vol. IV

The final book is located inside a hut with a Mammoth skull overhead. In the Forgotten Vale section following Glacial Crevice there is a Falmer village. Along the upper path through the various huts and tents, the path ends at a large tent which has a Mammoth skull above it. Inside you will find the fourth and final Unknown Book.

Return The Unknown Books

  • Travel to College of Winterhold
  • Deliver the Unknown Books to Urag Gro-Shub located in The Arcanaeum.
  • Speak with Urag about Ancient Falmer Tomes.
  • He’ll buy the books from you for $1k coin each and provide you with translated copies.

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